Some people look at My Straight Buddy or Semper Fuck and wonder how a site can be succesful without oiled-up porn gods fucking and sucking the hell out of each other. It's true that most of your surfers will prefer hot hardcore action over some marines playing beer pong. A lot of the time they don't even get hard, or touch each other. What kind of gay porn is that?

The kind that can make you money! My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck not look like any other porn site that you might be familiar with—that's actually their biggest selling point, and here's why:

  1. My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck stand out from the crowd

    There's tons of sites with hardcore gay content. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of them. Even just counting the major players (if you're reading this you are probably already promoting hot ProAm sites like Active Duty, NextDoor Male and Sean Cody) you probably already have a page full of hardcore gay or gay-for-pay sites to promote. It's like trying to get someone's attention in Grand central Station at rush hour.

    The fact that SemperCash sites are so different is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Your surfers will click on the link just to find out what's up.

  2. Not everyone will dig it, but the ones that do can't find it anywhere else

    The reason I started My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck was this: It's what I wanted to see, but could not find. In both cases I have found a loyal cadre of viewers that wanted to see the same thing.

    In the case of My Straight Buddy, I was watching a Dirk Yates video. About 8 guys come over to his house and they all start jerking off. My favorite part of the video was at the end, when they got in the shower one by one and while each one showered the rest were standing around bulshitting with each other. I wished that the whole video could be like that, because it was more 'real' somehow. I was also a big fan of 'hidden-camera' videos like you find on Angry Young Man, but felt like the hidden camera aspect was a little creepy, even though it's fake.

    The genesis of Semper Fuck dates back to the days when all the porn I had available was straight porn, and I would have to wait for the guy to be shown and then pause the video and try to rub one out in 5 minutes becfore the VCR unpaused. I love straight porn (because you know the guy is really straight, and you can see that he's really enjoying himself instead of forcing it for a paycheck) but wanted to see the guy fucking, not the girl getting fucked. Lots of your surfers feel the same way!

  3. SemperCash content isn't available for free on tube sites

    How many people do you know that actually pay for porn? When I ask this of my buddies they always crack up, not a single one of them pays a dime for porn because it's all available for free on tube sites. Even if the clips are short, it's still enough for them to jack off to. Your surfers are doing the same thing.

    My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck feature content that is not available anywhere else. If someone wants to see it, they have to pay for it. Even if they could find clips of it free on a tube site and get off to it, since my videos are long and feature lots of different kinds of action even within the same video, surfers want to find out what happens next. They get to know the guys personally, and enjoy hanging out with them.

  4. They stay subsctibed because there's different content every week

    Other sites just do the same thing over and over again. You always know what will happen next. One after another, week after week, the same thing with different faces. MSB videos are different every week, so people come back to find out what happens next.
  5. They fulfill a particular fantasy

    People that like straight guys and marines like them for a particular reason: They wish they were part of that group. A dick is a dick is a dick, and a straight guy's dick looks just like a gay guy's what's the attraction to straight guys and marines in particular? Your surfers have a very particular fantasy that My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck fulfill: getting to hang out with straight guys and marines in their natural environment. Anyone can sit a straight guy down and have him look uncomfortable and nervous as he jerks off on a couch, or pay a straight guy to suck another straight guy's dick and show that same thing week after week...only My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck show hot straight marines actually having fun and having a good time. The viewer actually gets to feel like he's hanging out with these cool guys and have an experience he could only have if he were living next door to a marine base and friends with these guys.

    Sure, at some point he will probably also want to see them fuck or suck each other off, and that's cool because you're probably already promoting those sites too. But you should also promote My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck because only there will your surfer get to fulfill his true fantasy: getting to hang out with naked straight buddies.

  6. There's actually plenty of hot, hardcore gay action anyway

    I provide bonus feeds from AEBN, which rotates 4 new DVDs each through 13 different theaters. Most of the theaters are gay oriented, but there's a wide variety and even some bi and straight action to appeal to a wide range of tatstes. The surfer that wants to watch hardcore gay porn, can. He will even be more likely to pay for it because there's other contant that he might not have subscribed to individually, like straight group sex or trannies, that he will be interested in getting as part of a package deal.

    So the customer who is maybe only mildly interested in my videos, but curious enough to want to check them out in more detail, will because he can also find the hot, hardcore action he craves. It's the best of both worlds and the profit is yours!

  7. Chicks dig it!

    Did you know you probably have female surfers? Yes, there are girls that search for gay porn, cuz they're looking for hot guys and there's really not a lot out there for them. They love My Straight Buddy and Semper Fuck and you'll love converting traffic you didn't even know you had!
  8. Translated to diffrent languages

    Lots of sites seem to ignore overseas traffic. I don't, and almost half my customers come from overseas destinations. The Eurozone may be in trouble, but they can still buy porn!
  9. COMING SOON...Big changes are on the way!

    I have re-encoded all my movies, and soon will be offering different sizes including LARGER, higher-quality versions (some of the earlier movies were first put up in the early days of the internet when most people didn't even have DSL).

    I will also be offering STREAMING movies, which surfers have been clamoring for.

    Trial customers will only be able to watch the streaming movies, so once they're in the door they will have to convert to recurring memberships to dowmload content.

    Mobile versions of both sites are on the way.

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