My Straight Buddy | Click Here for Semper Fuck banners

You can use these banners to promote My Straight Buddy. If you need something of a particular size not represented here please let me know and I will gladly create it for you, just email me at

A word about these banners: When you're picking banners for your site, it may seem obvious that you should pick the ones that have the hottest action in them. With My Straight Buddy this isn't always the case. Because every other site has plenty of that already, what may catch someone's eye about an My Straight Buddy banner is the casual nudity of buddies, are the unique situations. They're curious as to just what's going on...and so they click.

Obviously hot dicks are hot, too, which is why they're part of the mix. But give some of the casual ones a try, you may find that they help you reach a niche of traffic you didn't know you had.

To use this ad first Download the ZIP containing the .SWF file.

Then, when you call the file, add this to the query string behind the file name: ?ccid=yourCCBillAffiliateID.

For example, my CCBill Affiliate ID for My Straight 1918056. When Buddy is src="MSB_flashad_2_300x250.swf?ccid=1918056". The ad will automatically add your affiliate code into the click-thru link so you get credit for your sale.

You can also copy and paste this iFrame code, which works the same way:

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